When it comes to front-end web development, there are a variety of options available for developers. Angular is one of the most popular frameworks available, and many developers have wondered if Gmail was written using this framework. So, is Gmail written in Angular?

The answer is no. Gmail is not written in Angular. Instead, Gmail is written in JavaScript and HTML. It uses the Closure Library, which is a set of JavaScript libraries developed by Google. It also uses the Closure Compiler to optimize the code and make it run faster.

However, while Gmail may not be written in Angular, it does make use of Angular in some of its features. For instance, Gmail’s contact manager uses Angular to allow users to add, remove, and manage contacts. Gmail also makes use of Angular in its email client, allowing users to view and compose emails in a modern, responsive interface.

Angular also provides developers with a number of tools and libraries, such as Angular Material, which is a library of components for building modern, responsive user interfaces. Additionally, Angular has a wide range of third-party libraries and components, such as ng-bootstrap, which is a collection of components for building modern UI elements.

In conclusion, Gmail is not written in Angular, but it does make use of the framework in some of its features. Angular is a powerful and popular framework for developing web applications, and it provides developers with a number of features, tools, and libraries that can help them create modern, responsive user interfaces.

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