NPM, or Node Package Manager, is a powerful and popular tool frequently used in web development projects that has become an integral part of the open-source Angular framework. This article will explain why NPM is so important to Angular and why developers should take advantage of it.

NPM is a command-line tool that facilitates the management of project dependencies such as libraries and frameworks and enables developers to install, update and delete packages from their project. This makes it easy for developers to keep their project up to date and organized.

Angular is built on top of Node.js and relies heavily on NPM for providing access to a wide range of packages and libraries, as well as the Angular CLI, a powerful interface tool for creating and managing Angular applications. NPM also plays a major role in the development process of an Angular project by allowing developers to manage project dependencies, install, update and delete packages and share code.

In addition, NPM provides a repository of open-source packages for other developers to use and a way to package and publish code to the NPM registry, enabling developers to share and collaborate on their projects. All in all, NPM is an invaluable tool for developers and should be utilized whenever possible.

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