Is React Utilizing Object-Oriented Programming?

React is a widely used JavaScript library for creating user interfaces (UI). It is employed by many developers to assemble websites, mobile apps, and even desktop applications. But is React utilizing object-oriented programming (OOP)? This article will explore the response to this query.

What is Object-Oriented Programming?

Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that is founded on the concept of objects. In OOP, all data is kept in objects, which can contain properties and methods. Every object can cooperate with other objects, permitting developers to manufacture intricate, yet maintainable software solutions.

How React Uses OOP

React does utilize OOP principles. React components are basically objects that contain properties and methods. For instance, React components can have a state, props, and life cycle methods that permit the component to interact with other components. React also uses a virtual DOM, which is an object-oriented representation of the DOM. This allows React to efficiently and rapidly update the UI as needed.

What OOP Principles Does React Not Use?

While React does utilize OOP principles, it does not use all of the OOP principles. For example, React does not use inheritance, which is a key element of object-oriented programming. React also does not use classes, as the components are written in plain JavaScript functions.


React does use some principles of object-oriented programming, such as encapsulation and abstraction. However, it does not employ all of the OOP principles, such as inheritance and classes. In spite of this, React is still a powerful and popular library for developing UIs, and it has become the go-to library for many developers.

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