Have you ever wondered which sites stand out for their outstanding ReactJS use? What are some of the ways ReactJS has transformed the web industry? In what ways can developers use ReactJS to create stellar sites? These are all questions that, no doubt, come to mind when discussing the potential of ReactJS.
The use of ReactJS deserves to be further analyzed due to its many advantages. For instance, its efficient and effective performance can improve a website’s user experience by providing smooth navigation and creating faster page load times. Furthermore, ReactJS makes coding simpler and more efficient for web developers, since its component-based architecture allows for the composition of complex user interfaces. In addition, developers can create and manage views that are completely dynamic, without code redundancy.
Clearly, ReactJS has become a leader in web development and numerous websites have already adopted it. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 sites built with ReactJS that display great web strategies and explore the innovative ways that each one leverages ReactJS to create an optimal user experience. By showcasing these examples, this article aims to help web developers understand what makes ReactJS the go-to technology for web applications and which features make a site stand out in comparison to other ReactJS solutions.


ReactJS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was created by Facebook in 2013, and is now one of the most popular open source libraries for web development. ReactJS makes it easy for developers to create dynamic, interactive user experiences and is commonly used in conjuction with other libraries like Redux and Node.js.
Top 10 Sites Built With ReactJS are the websites that have been developed with ReactJS. These sites are typically highly interactive, dynamic, and engaging. Some of the most famous examples include Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Dropbox, and Reddit. Many large companies are now developing sites using ReactJS due to its versatility and scalability.
Non-technical readers are people who don’t have a technical background. They may be interested in the topic but not necessarily understand the complexities of web development. Therefore it is important to provide non-technical readers with simple language and definitions that explain ReactJS and its uses. By breaking the topic down into basic concepts and explanations, these readers can gain a better understanding of ReactJS and how its used in web development.


Top 10 Sites Built With React.js

React.js is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. It is now being used by some of the biggest and most innovative websites in the world. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 sites built with React.js.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a hugely popular photo-sharing platform, with over a billion users worldwide. It builds its front-end with React.js, which helps make user experience smoother, faster, and generally more enjoyable.

2. Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services in the world, and it’s also built with React.js. This makes browsing for movies and TV shows much faster and smoother than other streaming services.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox, the file-hosting service, uses React.js to power its desktop and mobile applications. This makes it easier for users to store, share, and access their files from any device.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb, the online vacation rental platform, uses React.js to build its front-end. This helps make it easier for users to search for and book accommodations.

5. Hulu

Hulu, the streaming service, uses React.js to power its website and mobile applications. This makes browsing for movies and TV shows much faster and smoother than other streaming services.

6. BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) uses React.js to power its popular website and mobile applications, which makes news and programming more accessible to its millions of users.

7. Yahoo

Yahoo, the search engine, uses React.js to build some of its sites and products. This helps make surfing the web faster and smoother than ever before.

8. Instagram Design

Instagram Design, the design platform, uses React.js to power their website. This makes it easier for users to share and collaborate on designs.

9. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the messaging app, uses React.js to build its front-end. This helps make it faster and smoother for users to communicate with each other.

10. Reddit

Reddit, the content sharing and discussion website, tapped into the power of React.js to make its user experience even better.
These are just a few of the top websites and services built with React.js. As the technology continues to evolve, more websites and platforms are beginning to tap into the power of React.js. As a result, the user experience for these platforms is becoming increasingly faster and smoother.

Overview of ReactJS:

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library which is used for creating user interfaces. It is maintained by the tech giant Facebook and the community of individual developers and companies. ReactJS makes it easier to create interactive web applications that are both fast and scalable. It is also currently being used by many popular websites, such as Airbnb, Netflix, Dropbox, and Imgur.
What Makes ReactJS Unique?
ReactJS stands out above other web development frameworks due to its unique approach to creating user interfaces. It utilizes a virtual DOM, which creates a “mirror” of the actual DOM in the browser, allowing developers to make efficient updates to the user interface without having to reload the page. This allows for faster page loads and improved performance.
ReactJS also uses a component-based system, which makes it easier to modularize and break down code into smaller, reusable pieces. This allows developers to create more complex user interfaces without having to write large amounts of code. Additionally, the components are self-contained and can be easily shared or reused between different projects.
ReactJS also provides a one-way flow of data, meaning that data can only go from the parent component to child components. This prevents data from being modified or overwritten accidentally and makes it easier to debug and add new features.
Finally, ReactJS is also highly extensible, allowing developers to easily add third-party libraries and plugins that extend the core functionality. This makes it possible to quickly customize individual projects without having to rewrite large chunks of code.
Top 10 Sites Built With ReactJS
1. Airbnb
2. Netflix
3. Facebook
4. Uber
5. Dropbox
6. Instagram
7. Imgur
8. Yahoo! Mail
9. BBC
10. GitHub

Top 10 Sites Built with ReactJS:

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library developed by Facebook, making it easier for software developers to create user interfaces and build reusable components. It has grown immensely in popularity over the last few years, and many well-known websites have come to rely upon it for their development. Here are the top 10 sites that have been built with ReactJS.


Netflix is one of the largest streaming services in the world, and its website is built with ReactJS. The website was developed to offer better user experience while streaming. The company pushed the limits of the technology, allowing them to re-implement the entire site, while hardly changing the underlying code.


Airbnb is one of the world’s largest home and short term rental marketplace. It was one of the first companies to switch to using ReactJS for its website, after realising that it was more performant than Angular. This switch played a huge role in the success of the platform and has been widely praised by the developer community.


Dropbox is a file-sharing platform that was initially created in 2008. By 2015, it had grown significantly and the development team decided to switch its website from being powered by Backbone.js to ReactJS. The switch was predicated on how well ReactJS suits single-page web applications and how easy it is to build components using the library.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! has been using ReactJS for its Yahoo! Mail service for some time now. The transition allowed the development team to move away from the PHP-based architecture that was initially used to a single-page web application. Yahoo! took advantage of the optimizations offered by ReactJS to improve the user experience for users of the mail service.
In summary, many well-known websites have come to rely on ReactJS for their development. From Netflix and Airbnb, to Dropbox and Yahoo! Mail, ReactJS has proven to be highly reliable and capable of powering some of the world’s largest websites. It is not surprising then, that it continues to be a popular choice for developers all over the world.


As ReactJS continues to grow in popularity, more and more sites are being built using it every day. But with so many of them out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are the cream of the crop. Which ones are the best of the best? What characteristics make up a top-tier ReactJS site?
If you want to stay up to date on the latest and greatest ReactJS sites, then you should follow our blog for regular updates and new releases. We cover all the biggest and newest ReactJS sites and can give you the inside scoop on which might be the best option to use for your particular project.
Q: What are the best sites built with ReactJS?
A: That will depend on the particular project, but some of the leading ReactJS sites include Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, BBC, Netflix, Reddit, and PayPal.
Q: Are there any disadvantages of using ReactJS?
A: As with any technology, there may be some trade-offs with ReactJS. One limitation is that it is only well-suited for complex user interfaces and for dynamic applications.
Q: What sort of SEO issues are associated with ReactJS?
A: The virtual DOM can be difficult for search engine crawlers to access, which can lead to SEO issues. This is not a major problem in most cases, but may need to be taken into account.
Q: Does ReactJS require special coding skills?
A: Some coding knowledge is required to work with ReactJS, but the basic concepts can be picked up quickly. Furthermore, the ReactJS library makes it relatively easy to create complex user interfaces and web applications.
Q: Is ReactJS compatible with existing web applications?
A: ReactJS is quite compatible with existing web applications, and can be added quite easily with minimal disruption. This makes it a great way to introduce new features easily and quickly.

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