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Why is ReactJS so controversial? Is it really as bad as some developers claim it to be, or are they just overreacting? Could there be beneficial uses for ReactJS with certain projects? These are the questions to be pondered when discussing if ReactJS is good or bad.
ReactJS is a JavaScript library designed to make user interfaces more efficient and easier to maintain with the purpose of offering developers a simpler way to build components for web applications. While ReactJS has obvious advantages, many experienced developers argue that it is overly complex and not as user-friendly as other technologies. Developers have voiced concern over React’s reliance on abstract components spread across the application, rather than having a linear path or framework to follow. Furthermore, the proliferation of bad React tutorials on the internet that teach the wrong methods has only added to the confusion. According to an article on HackerNoon, “A lot of developers seem to struggle in understanding and getting a proper grip on React and seem to give up shortly after trying it out due to the steep learning curve that comes with it.” This indicates that ReactJS needs to be clarified and simplified to make it more user friendly and conducive to development.
In this article, you will learn about the main problems with ReactJS, as well as ways to make it more user friendly. It will be discussed why ReactJS is so controversial in the development community and what makes it so difficult to learn and use. Possible solutions, such as improving tutorials and clarifying implementation methods, will also be explored. Finally, the article will examine the potential uses for ReactJS and what types of projects it may be beneficial for.


ReactJS – ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook that enables developers to create user interfaces. It is a popular choice for projects due to its flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.
Bad – The idea of ReactJS being “bad” is subjective. Some developers may find that the technology does not fit their particular development needs, while others may prefer a different framework or library.
ReactJS is designed to help create complex user interfaces that are interactive and engaging for users. It is modular and fast-paced, allowing developers to make changes quickly. With features such as server-side rendering, it can help speed up the development process. Overall, ReactJS is a powerful library that offers a lot to developers looking to create user-friendly websites and applications.
However, ReactJS can be difficult to learn and may not fit every developer’s style. It also has additional costs due to its usage of JavaScript and other libraries, which can add to the overall expense of a project. It may also slowdown development if not used efficiently. Additionally, not all ReactJS tools are necessary for every project, and the library does not offer the same level of support and compatibility offered by other options.
Overall, ReactJS is a great option for developers looking for an effective way to create web and app development, but it is not without its drawbacks. Developers should weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding if ReactJS is the right library for their project.

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