The short answer is yes. Spotify has gradually been incorporating Vue into its web applications. Vue is a popular JavaScript framework that is lightweight, fast, and easy to use. It is well-suited for developing single-page applications, allowing Spotify to create pages that are responsive and interactive without having to reload the page. Vue is open source, which gives Spotify the freedom to use the framework without paying expensive licensing fees.

Spotify is using Vue for its web applications to create interactive user experiences, such as the “Now Playing” page and the “Discover” page. Vue is also used for other features, such as the “Your Library” page and the “Your Music” page. Additionally, Vue is powering Spotify’s mobile applications to create a more user-friendly interface and provide features such as the ability to download music for offline listening.

By incorporating Vue into its development process, Spotify is able to create an intuitive user experience. Vue is open source, meaning Spotify can take advantage of the framework without expensive licensing fees. As Spotify continues to use Vue, they can expect a better user experience in the future.

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